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A PIECE of AFRICA in the HEART of our parish


The simultaneous presence of different cultures represents a great resource when the encounter between different cultures is experienced as a source of mutual enrichment.

"The Church is Catholic because it is universal, it is spread all over the world and proclaims the Gospel to every man and woman. The Church embraces a vastness of peoples, of peoples who profess the same faith, feed on the same Eucharist, are served by the same Pastors. The Church is Catholic, because it is the "House of harmony" where unity and diversity know how to combine together to be wealth. Let's think of the image of the symphony, which means chord, harmony, different instruments play together. It is a beautiful image that tells us that the Church is like a large orchestra in which there is variety.We are not all the same and we don't have to be all the same. We are all different, different, each with their own qualities. And this is the beauty of the Church: everyone brings his own, what God has given him, to enrich others. And among the components there is this diversity, but it is a diversity that does not enter into conflict, does not contrast; it is a variety that allows itself to be blended in harmony by the Holy Spirit; He is the true "Master", He himself is harmony."

Pope Francis, general audiencee 9.10.13


Sunday 18th September (like every third Sunday of the month) lhe Congolese Community celebrates the Holy Mass at 5 pm chaired by our vice-parish priest Father Joseph Tsongo. The choir of the Francophone community animates the mass with songs in the four national languages of the Congo.